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Voodoo Manufacturing is based in Brooklyn, NY where we operate a futuristic factory with over 200 desktop 3d printers and a dozen large-format 3d printers. We take on jobs from a single unit to +10,000 units and focus on delivering high quality 3d printed plastic parts at affordable prices.

Some of our largest clients include companies like Microsoft, Autodesk, Mattel, Lowe’s, Intel, Verizon, Viacom, Gilette, Syfy, Genentech, HBO, 20th Century Fox and many others.

*Please include your phone number in your order for faster, more efficient service.*
ЛокацияBrooklyn, NY, US


2 апр. 2018 г.
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Voodoo Manufacturing is a 3D printing factory with more than 200 machines on board located in Brooklyn, New York. They are to deliver high-quality prints with a fast turnaround. Our model had been finished on the same day, the details came out well and the part looks fine.
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Материал: PLA
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