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Описание Top Rapid Prototype Technology Co., Limited

CNC Machining & Manufacturing Services,Rapid Prototype Machining Services 3-axis, 4-axis,3+2-axis CNC turning milling, turned- milled combined machining, Injection mold ,3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, small batch production,grinding,Laser Carving etc.with superior quality products in short production time and satisfactory after-sales service

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Dongguan, Guangdong Province, CN
Тип бизнеса Manufacturing Business
Форма собственности Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Всего сотрудников 49-250
Год основания 2013
Годовой оборот ($) 30000


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FileСертификацияCertifierApplicationIssue DateExpire Date
Top Rapid Prototype Technology Co., Limited - ISO9001-2015ISO9001-201524 июл. 2020 г.23 июл. 2023 г.


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