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Описание Paradigm Manufacturing

When it comes to 3D printing, there are no limits on what you can create. All you need is your imagination and a little help from us.

We are Paradigm Manufacturing – a 3D printing service bureau that specializes in Multi Jet Fusion technology servicing all industries. ISO9001 and AS9100 certified, Paradigm Manufacturing prides itself with producing quality parts – whether low volume or massive bulk orders. Paradigm Manufacturing is pushing the limits of what can be done with 3D printed parts with our specialized post-processing equipment, allowing endless new applications to be additively manufactured.

We are running what we believe is a socially responsible company in the new digital age, striving to be the paradigm for low carbon production, zero inventory, and eco-friendly manufacturing.

We are AS9100/ ISO9001 certified. These certifications recognize our facility as one that adheres to the standardized quality management system for the aerospace industry.

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Phoenix, Arizona, US
Тип бизнеса Manufacturing Business
Форма собственности Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Инкотермс -
Всего сотрудников <10
Год основания 2018
Годовой оборот ($) 1200000


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FileСертификацияCertifierApplicationIssue DateExpire Date
ISO9001Perry Johnson RegistrarsDesign and Manufacture 10 мая 2021 г.9 мая 2024 г.
AS9100Perry Johnson RegistrarsDesign and Manufacture 24 июн. 2021 г.23 июн. 2024 г.


14 июн. 2021 г.
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