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Materials used:

Our primary material is ABS plastic, the most common plastic material. We can also use PLA bioplastic, which is also food safe, if that is better suited to your project.

Possible designs:

The printed design can be solid plastic or a shell-type design. We can achieve this by printing the interior layers in a “honey-comb” pattern. This can lower the cost while still keeping the structure strong. 3D printing involves building material layers literally from the ground up, rather than carving from a block of material, there are almost no limits to what can be built. Contact us to talk about that design you’ve always been looking for but could never find—we’re here to help!

Model size:

Our maximum single piece build size is 6" x 6" x 6". If your project is larger, we can split the design into multiple smaller pieces and then epoxy them together after printing. We can also add metal fasteners and/or threads to your part.

Model formatting:

In order to create a 3D print, we need a 3D digital model. If you have access to SolidWorks, Blender (free), or some other modelling software, the preferred format is a .STL file however many files can be converted so no worries. If you do not already have a model then I can work with you to create one & even an engineering drawing if you choose to do so. All I need are the dimensions of the object in some sort of 2D image or sketch. Any files or images should be emailed to Matthewsilva908@gmail.com.


7 авг. 2017 г.
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Matt's Manufacturing is located in Bridgewater, New Jersey. They use a LulzBot Mini 3D printer and offer ABS material. The quality of the print is extremely good and the order was finished quickly.
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