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We treat 3D printing the same as every other aspect of our business: if we wouldn't install it, we wouldn't expect you to either. We're careful with part orientation and post production finishing.
Two Formlabs Form2 SLA printers with eight choices of resins plus Formlabs' Wash and Cure systems.

Welder Series has been in the hot rod chassis parts business for over 40 years, shipping parts all over North America, and even overseas. We've built a reputation on our quality, attention to detail, and service. Please reach out if you have any questions.

$15 International shipping applies to the continental United States only.
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership Sole proprietorship
Total Employees <10
Year established 1978
ЛокацияBreslau, Ontario, CA


6 янв. 2020 г.
Обратная связь
Напечатано на: Form 2
Материал: Durable (PP-like) Resin
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