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Have you ever had a DIY project but struggled to find a specific part with the right size? Were you ever full of creativities for a school project but you had to give up because it was impossible to implement a special component using materials you could find? Do you want to be fancy to create a molecular model for your Science class, or design a board game for your Civics class, using 3D printed parts only? Or, maybe you just like to own a Boeing 737 aeroplanes model so you can pamper it.

If you ever experienced these we sure know how you feel and what you need, for we came from there! This is why we want to provide you with a go-for 3D printing service, so you don't have to give up your ideas and plans. Therefore, send us your request today, and we will help you to accomplish your goals!
Business type Service Business
ЛокацияWeston, Florida, US


23 апр. 2019 г.
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Delta 3D Printing is a prototyping service located in Weston, Florida. They provide FDM printing with PLA filaments to everyone, who needs a custom part or project made. We were able to check the results on the next day. Printing quality is good: the details are in their place, the surface is smooth and clean. Intricate "antennas" look sturdy and solid, too.
Напечатано на: Creality CR-10
Материал: PLA
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