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FDM additive manufacturing on a modified Prusa MK2.5 (Haribo frame) or a custom modified BI V2.5 delta printer.

DLP resin based printing on an AnyCubic Photon.

Print a wide variety of materials from PLA, PETG to exotic flexible filaments, in a range of sizes from small detailed prints to large functional prints. Also have the capability to print in high detail resin. Please message me if you have any material requests and I'll do my best to fill them.

MK2.5 Haribo has a build area of 250mm X 210mm x 210mm running an E3D 0.4 (or one of various other nozzles I have)

Delta has a build area of 300mm (diameter) X 325mm (375mm peak) running an E3D volcano with nozzle sizes 0.4mm-1.2mm
Тип бизнеса Service Business
Форма собственности Partnership
Всего сотрудников <10
Год основания 2018
МестонахождениеSURREY, British Columbia, CA


27 окт. 2020 г.
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100% recommended! Seller is awesome, kept me updated every step of the way. Service was super fast and the pieces were perfect, exactly what we were expecting. The pricing was very fair too. Thank you so much Garret! will definitely be ordering from you in the future when we need something like this again :)
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