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Описание BlueCap Technology

Design, Prototyping, Automation, Integration and scale-up, helping small businesses down the pathway to production. From napkin sketch to modeling, rapid prototyping to final configuration, equipment design & assembly with guidance to scale-up and qualification. We have material scientists who can help with material selection for your unique needs. Turn around your design iterations 4x faster than other printers with follow on to engineering materials. ESD, high tensile and Carbon Fiber filaments! Design and Mechanical Engineers on staff.

High tensile strength 3D printing
316 SS Metal 3D printing (requires post print sintering)
Carbon Fiber 3D printing
Fiberglass 3D printing

Our printers are also available for non-engineering functional parts. Functional parts printed by us for non-engineering service include: specialty painting and picture hangers, replacement refrigerator parts, Custom ADA components for housing adaptability for disabled persons, and art models

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Тип бизнеса Service Business
Форма собственности Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Всего сотрудников <10
Год основания 2023


21 нояб. 2023 г.
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Напечатано на: X1 Carbon
Материал: ABS
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4 ноября 2023 г.

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