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3D model of prettysmallthings. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Captured from the American Museum of Natural History with 123D Catch. Edited...Показать больше
and Print Ready.

From the display at ANHM:
"The female King Cobra, Ophiophagus hannah, of Southeast Asia constructs a nest a few days before egg deposition, perhaps a month after mating. Forming an open loop with her head and forebody, she scoops plant debris and soil into a pile within a stand of bamboo. She forms a pile about 15cm (6in.) high and compacts the interior into a bowllike depression by crawling around and pressing on it numerous times, occasionally pausing to gather more litter. After depositing about 20 to 50 eggs, she covers them with additional debris. Males are not tolerated near the nest."

A decent scan, but the head could use some more detail work. I've adjusted the head to a steeper angle in the hopes of avoiding support material.

Cobra.stl: Print Ready
CobraScan.ob: Rough 123D Catch output photosets & 123DCatch scene files
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