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3D model of prettysmallthings. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Not only a park bench, but quite the towering test as well. 1:24 scale.

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printed this successfully on both my TOM MK7 and Replicator. If printing on a Replicator, I've found the small details (less than 2mm in diameter) require some adjustments to "dimension" in skeinforge. Adjust the "Extra Start Distance" to a value between 0 and -0.1.

Apply a liberal swipe of acetone the loose park bench side - I've included a guiding ridge to make assembly easier. Slightly melt the unattached ends with acetone and press into the side, keeping the slats as straight as possible.

I've included as assembled file as well - maybe I'll give it a try with PVA support in the future.
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