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Welcome to my Treatstock -page.

I'm a seasoned 3D-printing professional with over 4 years of experience from the industry.

If you want something to get designed and printed but don't really know where to begin, just contact me and we will sort things out!

I offer the following services:

- 3D modelling

* Experienced modeler, skilled in several CAD / sculpting software.
* Small and large scale modelling
* Board game pieces / house hold items and more


- Prototyping
* iterative product creation.

- FDM High Quality printing
* 100 - 200 micron resolution

- DLP High Quality resin printing
* 25 - 100 microns

- Post processing
* Sanding, smoothing, support removing, priming
* Smooth finish on products!
* Polymakers polysher(tm) + polysmooth filament, give clean and striation free surface!

- Silicone molding / Resin casting
If you need small patches made out of resin, I can make molds and cast the items for you.

Printed gifts are a nice way to remember special people in your live. If you have an idea just give me a shout.
Ownership Sole proprietorship
Total Employees <10
Year established 2018


6 сент. 2018 г.
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Very good service and supplier made sure that printing settings were best possible for the use case. Quality of parts were superb, I just need to learn how to design better parts.
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