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Описание Clear Mind Casting

We are a small independent business located in Ontario Canada. We offer SLA Resin and FDM 3D Printing and Casting services for Jewellery items in nonferrous metals (Bronze, Silver and Gold).
Pricing options available for level of finish as client required.
Inquire for further details.

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Peterborough, Ontario, CA
Тип бизнеса Manufacturing Business
Форма собственности Sole proprietorship
Инкотермс EXW – Ex Works (named place of delivery)
Всего сотрудников <10
Год основания 2018


24 окт. 2021 г.
Обратная связь
Incredible work!!!! The results were exactly what I was looking for, I will be coming back to get more stuff printed from this company!!!! Thanks!!!!!
Напечатано на: Original Prusa SL1S
Материал: Tough Resin
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