Solidworks CAD Development

Smartwatch.jpgSmartbracelet.jpgDecondensator 2.jpgShade Cap 1.jpg1 2.JPGTint Cap 1.jpgExploded Smartwatch.jpg
Service rate 40,00 $ / hour
Min. order 4 hours
Поставка из London, UK
Service ability 7 hours / day
Avg. production time 4 days
Инкотермс DAP


We turn your concept idea and develop it into a CAD model that you can take to production. We use Solidworks to cread the CAD and can even generate high-fidelity renders to give a clear visual of how the product or part being designed would look realistically. 

We can also take this CAD and use our 3D printing services to produce working prototypes that can be analysed and tested.

Please contact me for enquiries we are always willing to help!

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